Back when the Great Recession was still smashing my generation directly in the teeth and we’d yet to elect an orange extension of the mob to the highest office in the land, I wrote a play about a couple of idealistic youth who turn to pimping themselves out online in order to make ends meet – something like a metaphor for the “new normal” as we all comically brand ourselves for one another using these boxes of light a bunch of sneaky nerds convinced us we can’t live without.

The play had a production in Michigan and one in New York, and a rant from it was published here. I still get requests for the complete script from actors looking to use it in auditions, which I’m happy to oblige because the script’s not yet published in its entirety.

The play’s called IF YOU START A FIRE [BE PREPARED TO BURN], and I spent some time over the past couple years adapting it to a TV project with some collaborators. That project is called MONEY SHOT, and we’ve written a pilot, a bible and five proof-of-concept webisodes we’re calling “loose change”.

We’re preparing to film said webisodes here in New York in September and just finished casting. It’s a talented group, I swear.

Also the prop list looks like a goth wedding registry. I may have to create a new account just to make the orders, or risk having my delicate relationship with Amazon’s algorithm compromised.

In any event, watch this space for five webisodes introducing you to the world of MONEY SHOT in the next month or two.