Yesterday I turned 36, and thanks for the well wishes through FriendFace and other apps by the way. My theory concerning birthdays at this point is to do exactly what you’d normally do if you had your way entirely, and invite people to join you. It so happened that the United Palace screened the epic LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, so that occupied the bulk of my day. I continue to be amazed more people don’t know about the screenings the Palace does. The venue is gorgeous, tickets are cheap, and it’s easy to get to via the subway.

They’re showing SISTER ACT in September and THE EXORCIST in October. It’s easy to forget what a great experience these old cinemas can offer. A film like LAWRENCE isn’t meant to be seen on a tablet…

Another reason life is so good in “upstate Manhattan” here. Check out the Palace’s website.

Sidebar: I ate kangaroo and went to the West Side Comedy Club the day before my birthday. No, it doesn’t taste like chicken.