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Kevin is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter originally from North Dakota. He holds degrees from the University of Minnesota (BA, History & Philosophy ’03) and the University of Texas at Austin (MFA, Creative Writing, Michener Fellow ’13). He lives in Saint Paul.

Kevin first studied playwriting at the Royal Court’s young writers program and has received both the Jerome and Michener fellowships as well as a number of awards and scholarships, including the UK International Student Playscript (COYOTE), the Kernodle and the Southwestern Playwriting awards (DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP) and the Sewanee and Kenyon playwriting scholarships. He has been a finalist for numerous awards, including the Yale Drama Series (THEN WAVES), the Pen Center USA (THEN WAVES, WOLF CRY WOLF) and the Princess Grace (DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP) awards. His drama DREAM OF PERFECT SLEEP was nominated for an Offie and is available from Oberon. His work has appeared in the UK and US at theatres and organizations including the Finborough, History Theatre, the Living Theatre, Page 73, the Playwrights’ Center, Red Eye and Theatre503.

In 2017 Kevin worked on BBQ Films Emmy-nominated live theatrical ECoin Launch Party, in support of MR ROBOT. He also hosts a podcast about things people love, called GET THIS and is co-founder of the experimental theatre writers Cut Edge Collective.

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March 2020

Winning Politics in the USA After Corona

Going forward in America, healthcare reform becomes the winning position. Forget gun control for a generation or more. Anyone barking about guns on either side isn’t serious about doing anything real, like someone sort of hot at the bar who flirts but won’t give digits.

You’re being used. S/he’s after the bartender.

My take on what Dr. Corona leaves us is that American-led Neoliberalism is done. Capital D Done.

In the next ten years we (Americans) either renew the very real potential of our national project with a dose of third rail, “modern” Democratic socialism married to our unique “fuck you get off my lawn” federalism, which in practice looks like bipartisan immigration reform in exchange for a modern “first world” healthcare system, or our world slips further toward illiberal totalitarianism. You simply cannot have nice Swedish things with borders like a playground wound.

This healthcare / immigration hand of poker is the only thing serious in American politics. Everything else is noise.

There needs to be compromise from both political wings, ideological and practical. But we’ve completely forgotten in this country what it looks like to cut a deal in government, at the highest levels.

How can we continue to exist without riots and chaos after quarantine if we don’t simply promise to look after one another on this insane life raft of a country? This means a shift in values. There was an idea of a “social contract.” I never signed it, but for what I’ve paid in taxes in my years pushing 40, I’m not comfortable with my neighbor’s healthcare bankruptcy in a “global marketplace” and go jump from a tall bridge right now if you are.

If we don’t get this right, fast, the future is a Chicom style, AI-powered techno-boot stomping our faces forever with Silicon Valley types directing the carnival from bunkers in New Zealand and/or ships at sea.

And there may not be a political solution. Bottom line: nobody with half a wit comes out of this time “blue pilled.” Buckle up. American-led Neoliberalism is Done.

If you weren’t “political” before Corona swooped in and crashed the party, you are now. You don’t have a choice.

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