Spooky Action are a theatre company in DC with an emphasis on new writing. Per their website:

“We believe a good play imparts a special kind of rapture. Albert Einstein coined the term spooky action at a distance to describe a bit of quantum mechanics even he found incredible: two particles can become entangled such that, forever after, a change in one is matched by instant change in the other, no matter what the distance between them. Spooky action happens when actors provide a bare framework to be fleshed out by the imagination of the audience, creating the world and action of the play.”

Spooky Action will be reading my new play MODERATION, a darkly comic drama about social media content moderators losing their minds at work, on May 24th at 3pm Eastern via YouTube. Sign up for my mailing list or connect with me on Twitter for the latest, and find Spooky Action at spookyaction.org.