Occasionally I work with my good buddy and creative collaborator Lenny Platt (IF YOU START A FIRE in NYC, MONEY SHOT pilot) on projects at BBQ Films. BBQ Films in a New York-based, creative collaborative group that does immersive, theatrical events to set the stage for the perfect moment to watch a film. Think Wayne’s World with a live band onstage that rocks at the Bohemian Rhapsody drop, or a Blade Rave party where blood is rained on the audience at the end of the show. I’ve done a variety of things with the company, from concepting to writing and even acting in small parts.

It’s cool and somewhat surreal to see BBQ get recognized for their great work with a Creative Arts Emmy for the “ECoin Launch Party” that served as the NYC premiere of MR ROBOT Season 3. I worked this show as an actor, playing security for Evil Corp, and had a blast. Definitely follow BBQ Films via bbqfilms.com and get out to the next show if you can. Hopefully the company scores an Emmy, but if not, it’s great to be nominated and in such good company.