Sabra + Kevin =

A Bit About Us

We (Sabra Corcoran and Kevin Kautzman) met in Washington Heights, NYC in 2019 through an app. No, not that app! This was an app for people who want to network, called Shapr.  We promptly hit it off, discovered we’d both been living in NYC for around six years and share an alma mater in common by way of the University of Minnesota. Sparks. Fireworks. A lot of Thai Food. We took a trip to London together in November and…

In short we networked our way into a real-deal relationship and jump cut to 2020 bing bang boom we’re expecting our first child. Kevin proposed in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center, and we planned a move home to beautiful Saint Paul, Minnesota where we both have family, only to have a virus-shaped curveball thrown high and in, which made the exit from New York City more cinematic than anyone could have anticipated. Nevertheless, we persevered and are writing this from our swell new pad overlooking the Mississippi River in the capital of the Gopher State.

We hope you’ll connect with us on social media if you haven’t already, and if you’re so inclined we have a link to a baby shower registry below. We’ll keep this page updated as we go along, and anticipate a formal wedding in Saint Paul in 2021, pending circumstances.

– Sabra & Kevin
St. Paul, MN