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Full-Length Plays


A border drama.

A young man named Luke joins a “Minuteman” group working protect the United States’ border from illegal immigrants. Paired on patrol with an older white supremacist… more

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Dream of Perfect Sleep

A play about graceful exits.

Mary and Gene are old. She suffers from severe vertigo and just wants to watch her show damn it… more

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Ernest & the Bull

Hemingway’s last stand.

A play about Ernest Hemingway, commissioned by History Theatre in St. Paul… more

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Guns. What are they good for? Not much. Or maybe everything? Here’s a new play straight from the hip that asks the question, complete with True Stories from ‘Merica, a talking Human Moocow… more

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If You Start a Fire
[Be Prepared to Burn]

An Internet sex comedy for the Recession Generation.

Lucy and Chris are typical American twenty-somethings struggling to survive the Great Recession with their dignity intact. They hate their jobs like most everybody else, but they need the insurance… more

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from IPHIGENIA 2.0 by Charles Mee.

Iris believes it’s her wedding day and couldn’t be happier, but in reality her father has conspired to sacrifice her to appease his demanding soldiery, well meaning men who will only go to war upon seeing their leader offer up that which he holds dearest… more

* * *

Life Electric

A drama about electrical experimentation in Colonial America (and Ben Franklin’s special rod).

Pennsylvania – the 1740s. Benjamin Franklin invites a group of mysterious, itinerant electric showpeople to present their “Amazing Electric Show” before the citizens of Philadelphia… more

* * *

Then Waves

A drama about an American soldier who returns from the Middle East with PTSD.

A discharged American soldier returns from war to do violence upon his estranged son, who may not be his at all. Set in the American Midwest, THEN WAVES explores the issues of violence’s echo… more

* * *

Vasilisa Most Lovely

A comic adaptation of the Russian folktale.

On her deathbed Vasilisa’s mother gives her daughter a magic doll to comfort her in her grief. Later, when faced with excessive chores at the hands of a greedy step-mother and step-sisters with serious boy problems… more

* * *

Wolf Cry Wolf

A drama about girls who (might) turn into wolves.

When Steph returns home to North Dakota for the first time in years and surprises her estranged childhood friend Jane, they descend into their memories and relive the summer Jane told Steph her deepest secret… more

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